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leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance standards.

Meet Needs for Today and Tomorrow With EMerge.
The EMerge Alliance standard for low voltage power distribution within interiors will give commercial building owners a way to maximize room and floor reconfigurations and stop the cycle of one-time fixture and device use. Our standards will promote green construction and facility management practices by enabling the use of simpler, reusable devices that can change as quickly as occupants' needs change. The connection to on-site alternative power generation and use can reduce energy costs, and improve your building's environmental footprint. EMerge Alliance Standards will:
  • Promote interoperability through reuse of system devices that plug-and-play mobility and simplicity
  • Promote sustainability with simpler system devices that have less materials (no AC-DC conversion components)
  • Reduce energy consumption through state-of-the-art device controls and solid-state lighting
  • Facilitate the direct connection and use of energy from solar, wind, or other alternative energy sources
  • Provide improved energy efficiency through integrated load and source management
See how EMerge also offers Flexibility and Savings to commercial buildings, then see the Registered products available for use in your buildings today.
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