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leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance standards.

Global Membership Benefits
Receive the greatest access to all Alliance activities and standards and speed the adoption of dc power everywhere.
Global, mutlinational organizations may join the Alliance using these memberships.The membership description, rights and costs are described below for each membership tier.
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Governing Member

Description: Founding and/or Board Members who provide significant resources to grow the Alliance
Rights: Full voting and membership rights
Membership Dues:
Annual Dues: $50,000
Requires initiative fee payment and approval
by Board of Directors

Participating Member

Description: Key suppliers of products and technology that comply with EMerge Alliance Standards
Rights: Limited voting but full participation in committee proceedings, with a role in development of specifications, as well as total access to all specifications; registration and events/promotional activities for products meeting the standards
Membership Dues:
Annual Dues: $10,000

General Member

Description: Organizations wanting to use Registered products in buildings or to Register products to existing Standards
Rights: Access to completed specification is provided prior to public availability; may attend general meetings; registration of products that meet the Standards
Membership Dues:
Annual Dues: $5,000

Corresponding Member

Description: Non-product manufacturers (including consultants/integrator firms) wanting to participate in the development of our standards
Rights: No voting rights; voice in development of Standards and access to all draft and completed Standards; may attend general meetings as determined by the Board
Membership Dues:
Annual Dues:
$1,000 Organizations or
$500 Individuals

Supporting Member

Description: Architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, owners and other relevant companies or organizations where mutual cooperation can facilitate the use of EMerge Alliance standards
Rights: No voting rights, may attend general meetings as determined by Board; marketing recognition for your support of the Alliance mission
Membership Dues:
Annual Dues: $350

Liaison Member

Description: Designed for other standards organizations, government, academic, and not-for profit organizations to facilitate mutual development, cooperation and integration of the EMerge Alliance standards
Rights: No voting rights, may attend meetings/serve on select panels, officially listed as a part of the Alliance
Membership Dues:
No Charge.

Advisory Council Member

Description: Membership for individuals whose vision and leadership impact the commercial building sector
Rights: Serve on selected panels and make recommendations to the Board
Membership Dues:
No Charge.
Annual invitation by the Board of Directors only.
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