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leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance standards.

Who Joins and Why
The EMerge Alliance is open to all. The EMerge Alliance is representative of the many organizations impacting the commercial building arena.
If your company is focused on the commercial building industry or data and telecom centers, you need to join the EMerge Alliance today because a new era in power sourcing, distribution and management has already begun. The EMerge Alliance has found better and more practical ways of getting the most out of both AC and DC power.
Membership Benefits & Rates
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Who Should Join the EMerge Alliance:
The EMerge Alliance is representative of the many organizations impacting the commercial building arena, including:
  • Architecture/Design
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainability Consultants
  • Energy Providers
  • Building Owners/Developers
  • Government
  • Code and Industry Groups
  • Occupied Space Product Manufacturers offering:
    Power Supplies
    Electrical Systems
    Sensors and Controls
    A/V and Security
    Building Automation
    Interior Systems (ceilings, walls, furniture)
  • Data/Telecom Center Product Manufacturers:
    Power Supplies
    Power Components
    Back-up Power (UPS)
    Electrical Measuring/Metering
    Cabinet, Racks/Cable Mgmt
    A/V and Security
    Building Automation Systems
    Device Controls
    Room Controls
The EMerge Alliance is open to all, with tiered rights and privileges. Representation is given at the organization level with one vote per organization, depending upon membership type.
Organizations Join the EMerge Alliance to:
  • Influence the development of standards for scalable use of safe, low-voltage DC power in commercial buildings and data or telecom centers
  • Gain early access to the standard and its specifications for faster registration of products and services
  • Be a part of a diverse and robust ecosystem that creates new business opportunities for everyone involved
  • Improve and promote the environmental benefits of products and services by increasing flexibility and sustainability and reducing energy use
  • Gain access to many other membership benefits (see Membership Tiers)
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