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Hybrid AC/DC Buildings
Case Study: NextEnergy Research Center


Multiple solar arrays feeding 23,000 sq. ft. of office lighting, 40,000 sq. ft. of high-bay lighting and a high performance computing data center, direct-current fast car charging and residential space powered by 380/24Volt dc microgrid directly coupled ™ to solar.

What it achieves

The NextEnergy Center in Detroit Michigan houses a building-wide, full-functioning resilient hybrid ac/dc microgrid, reducing power consumption compared to its previous ac only power distribution system while providing a more flexible, resilient and sustainable plug and play architecture that combines multiple on-site renewable clean energy sources.

The Products

  • Acuity/Lithonia LED fixtures
  • Armstrong® DC FlexZone Ceiling
  • TE Connectivity cables
  • Anderson Power Products/Ideal Connectors & cables
  • Emerson Network Power electric conversion (380V)
  • Nextek Power Systems power servers (24Vdc)
  • Nextek SKY lighting and room controls
  • Electro Plastics Step Warm Floor dc radiant floors


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