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leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance standards.

Products based on the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard are now available.
The EMerge Alliance RegisteredTM product designation and logo were created to distinguish products designed, evaluated and registered according to the EMerge Alliance Standard from other devices. Be sure to look for the official mark.

Alliance members can create or modify products to meet this standard in any of the following four areas:

  • Infrastructure - Ceiling grid, power cables, bus bar connectors, device connectors, bulk cable
  • Power - Power supply modules
  • Peripherals - Light fixtures, ballasts, drivers, HVAC actuators, AV/IT displays and equipment, security, other electrical devices
  • Controls - Sensors, device controls, switches/user interfaces, main controls/gateways

View our list of Registered Products.

The Official Mark

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