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DC-Nexus – Media

DC-Nexus is EMerge’s official media partner. 

DC-NEXUS was founded in 2015 by individuals determined and focused on enlightening the public about the interdependencies of direct and alternating current technologies in the modern world. Based in Skokie, Illinois with an office in Princeton, New Jersey, DC-NEXUS works closely with leaders in industry, academia, government agencies and standards organizations to offer daily news and articles on the benefits of direct current (DC) technology, with a particular focus on microgrid deployments. DC-NEXUS issues a regular newsletter and advertises DC related products and services on its web site under the heading “1 Electric Avenue”. Through education of the public and promotion of DC technologies, DC-NEXUS is fostering an environment for the adoption of DC technologies in all facets of life, thereby increasing reliability while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

To visit the DC-Nexus website, click here>  DC-NEXUS WEBSITE