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Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems

DC and Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Committee

EMerge DC & Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Standard
Version 1 – Issued March 2024

Basic Charter: 

  • The purpose of this committee is to establish, develop and promote the adoption of industry-leading standards and best practices in the design, implementation, and operation of DC Microgrids

    The committee objectives are to:
    • Identify areas in need of standardization within the DC Microgrid field.Develop clear and comprehensive standards that address these needs (focus on interoperability)Promote the adoption and implementation of these standards across the industry (OEMs and Systems integrators)Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the standards remain relevant and effective.
    • Foster innovation and continuous improvement within the DC Microgrid industry.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Conduct regular meetings and evaluate standardization needs

  • Form subcommittees or working groups, as necessary, to focus on specific standardization efforts, such as system design, interoperability, energy management, safety, protection or controls.
  • Engage with industry stakeholders: microgrid developers, equipment manufacturers, microgrid controls, utilities, regulatory agencies.  We want to gather input and feedback on proposed standard.
  • Integrate industry standards to promote microgrid interoperability.
  • Develop and maintain a repository of standards and best practices for easy access and reference by industry participants
  • Collaborate with other organizations and committees involved in the microgrid and renewable energy standardization efforts (CurrentOS, OCDA … etc.)

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the standards and update them as needed.

Meeting Schedule: 1st Friday of each month @ 11:00 AM ET.

Current Activities: The committee is now collecting and reviewing information and use cases to be used in the further development of the currently released Version 1.0 standard. To submit information or to request an opportunity to present ideas or technologies that should be considered by the committee, use the link below to get details on how:

Click Here for instructions on submitting information.

Released Standards: The DC & HYBRID AC/DC Microgrids – Version 1.0 of the standard is now approved and released. No prior versions exist. Future revisions will be developed by the committee.

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