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DC Revenue Grade Metering Standard

ANSI C12.32-2021

Electricity Meters For The Measurement Of DC Energy

Establishes acceptable performance criteria for revenue grade Direct Current (dc) watt hour Meters and demand Meters. Accuracy Class designations, Current, Voltage, environmental tests, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are covered

ANSI C12.32 is the product of extensive collaboration led by the EMerge Alliance which included several Department of Energy National Labs, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and other key stakeholders such as Duke Energy, Southern California Edison, Salt River Project, Xylem, Aclara, AccuEnergy, Measurlogic, Xcel Energy, Radian Research, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).  

“EMerge’s strategic focus has long been to help create standards that enable the effective delivery of cleaner, more affordable, more reliable energy, by using renewable sources of energy, modernizing our infrastructure, and investing in innovative technologies based on DC power electronics,” explained EMerge president, Tom Osterman.  “We’re always looking for ways to help utilities, third-party service providers and prosumers to transform the electric power industry to a more modern, safe, clean, resilient and sustainable one.”

The American National Standards Institute recorded the final action of its C12 standards committee to approve the standard in its weekly publishing of the ANSI Standards Actions registry, Volume 52 Issue 11, wherein it simply states: “New Standard ANSI C12.32-2021, Electricity Meters for the Measurement of DC Energy (new standard) Final Action Date: 3/4/2021.”  Committee Chairman Tom Nelson of NIST and Committee Secretary Paul Orr of NEMA oversaw months of tireless review by a workgroup led by Duke Energy’s Charlie Ploeger who finalized the document and shepherded it through ANSI’s formal vetting and approval process. Copies of the standard are published and available from ANSI.  

Distinguished Chairman’s Award

Plaque Awarded to David Lawrence – Duke Energy – Chairman of the EMerge DC Metering Standards Committee