An open industry association

Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems

Board and Officers

“Governing Board Members and Advisers represent key industry, government, academic and commercial segments of the electric power industry.  Founding Governing Members also serve as Board Members and are adding significant resources to grow and establish the EMerge Alliance.” 

Brian T. Patterson

EMerge Founder – Chairman of the Board – Executive Committee

Managing Director, B. L. Coliker Associates

Paul Savage

EMerge Founder – Board Member – Executive Committee

Managing Director, DC Power Ventures, Chair, IEEE Smart Village Technical Committee, Senior Consultant – Department of Energy, Loans Program Office

Robert R. Bennett

EMerge Board Member

President and CEO,  Emera Technologies

Gary Oppedahl

EMerge Board Member (Alternate)

Vice President Emerging Technologies, Emera Technologies

Kevin Meagher

EMerge Board Member

Principal, Energy One Solutions International

Tim Martinson

EMerge President – Board Member – Executive Committee

Principal, T. E. Martinson Associates

Stephen Miner

EMerge Board Advisory Member

President & Chief Executive Officer, Solar Energy Trade Shows

Gary Thuro

EMerge Board Advisory Member (Alternate)

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Solar Energy Trade Shows

Dr. Gregory Reed

EMerge Science Adviser

Program Director, National Science Foundation

Terry Hill

EMerge Public Policy Adviser

Senior Policy Adviser, PHIUS

Sharmila Ravula

EMerge Market & Technology Adviser – Commercial/Industrial

Principal Consultant

Larry Lutz

EMerge Market & Technology Adviser – Information and Communications

Technical Sales Engineer, Enedo Power