An open industry association

Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems



The EMerge Alliance is a membership-based, not-for-profit industry association formed in 2008 to create and promote the adoption of new vanguard standards for direct current (DC) and hybrid AC/DC power infrastructure in buildings, neighborhoods and communities. The overarching goal of these systems is to provide greater power resiliency, surety, and equity.

EMerge Alliance’s Top Priorities

EMerge Alliance is leading the rapid adoption of safe, resilient DC and hybrid AC/DC distributed energy microgrid power systems by:

Developing Vanguard System Standards via commercial, government and academic member organizations for hybrid AC/DC microgrids to accelerate deployment of flexible, sustainable electric energy power systems. The two primary standards committees are:

  • The Microgrids Committee. The general focus for 2023 will be to complete creation of a comprehensive DC & AC/DC Hybrid microgrid technical standard whose architecture is capable of being used either as a stand-alone or networked (with other microgrids and macrogrids) system
  • The Grid of Grids Microgrids Interconnection Committee.  Its 2023 focus will be defining a standard for the interconnection of microgrids based on dc-coupling technology.

Standards issued by EMerge Alliance are utilized by its members and are elevated for adoption by other standards organizations like IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Catalyzing Fast Market Development via technology demonstrations of live microgrid electric power systems products and related services, affording members ability to build their brand awareness. 

  • EMerge Alliance coordinates and builds, with the support of various product partners, a live, full scale microgrid at RE+’s annual conference.
  • EMerge Alliance participates, with its member companies, in microgrid demonstrations and education at various industry events.
  • Its members connect to promote their businesses and collaborate on business ventures and partnerships.

Educating the Industry on various microgrid applications, their supporting eco-systems, and their impact on building a strong energy economy.

  • Electric Avenue Webinar series. These live monthly webinars present opportunities for thought leaders shaping the energy landscape to share use cases on distributed energy resources and microgrids applications in utilities, healthcare, defense, military, agriculture, EVs, residential, remoted and rural locations, neighborhood and community, and information and communications.
  • RE+ Events. EMerge Alliance regularly provides education content/speakers on microgrids at RE+ regional events.
  • Grid Edge Theater.  EMerge Alliance coordinates the microgrid content and speakers for the show floor theater at RE+, in addition to the theater housing the live microgrid.