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EMerge Conducts Live Residential/Neighborhood DC Microgrid Demonstration at RE+ Anaheim

September 19 – 22, 2022

Each year, RE-Plus Events (formerly SPI, ESI and SMart Energy Week) stands-up a live microgrid at its annual renewable energy conference and exhibition. The demonstration includes outdoor solar and peer-to-peer microgrid electricity generation, multiple levels of energy storage, and a mock home complete wth dc appliances, home entertainment, fast electric vehicle charging, and dc electric heat pump HVAC.

EMerge Alliance and partnering company representatives for the components of the operating demonstration will be on-hand at the show’s Grid Edge Theater to demonstrate features, explain its design and operation, and answer questions about the microgrids on-site. As always, the show located microgrid will supply power to many of the exhibitors at the show, either directly or via a feed of excess power generation back to the Convention Center electrical system,