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DC Metering Technical Standards Committee

Basic Charter:

This standard establishes acceptable performance criteria for revenue grade dc watthour meters and demand meters. Accuracy class designations, current class designations, voltage ratings, environmental tests, and immunity tests are covered.

Test procedures for voltage and current sensors that are separate (transducers) from the meter are also covered. This document is designed as a reference for those concerned with the design of dc electricity metering, such as utilities, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies, operators / service providers.

Meeting Schedule:

1st & 3rd Thursday of each month @ 3:00 PM ET


Current Activities:

NOTICE: The American National Standards Institute recorded the final action of its C12 standards committee to approve the standard in its weekly publishing of of the ANSI Standards Actions registry, Volume 52 Issue 11, wherein it simply states: “New Standard ANSI C12.32-2021, Electricity Meters for the Measurement of DC Energy (new standard) Final Action Date: 3/4/2021.”  Committee Chairman Tom Nelson of NIST and Committee Secretary Paul Orr of NEMA oversaw months of  tireless review of the EMerge draft by a workgroup led by Duke Energy’s Charlie Ploeger who finalized the document and shepherded it through ANSI’s formal vetting and approval process. Copies of the standard are expected to be published and available from ANSI within ninety (90) days of the action date.

Released Standards:

Pending Printing and release by ANSI.