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Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems

Campus/Neighborhood/Community Microgrid Technical Standards Committee

Basic Charter: “Develop a standard for the bi-directional interconnection of dc-coupled and bussed EMerge standards-based hybrid microgrids for use between nanogrids, neighborhood grids, community grids, and at the point-of-common connection with an ac grid. This standard shall include consideration of the power, interconnect infrastructure, devices, distributed intelligent controls and communications required.”

Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 4:00 PM ET. Next Public Meeting: April 21, 2021 4PM ET – This information collection meeting is open to public participation

Current Activities: Recently held Public Call-to-Action meeting on March 17. 2021. Announced a 90 day window to submit information and proposals for the development of this new standard. The committee will begin collecting and reviewing information and use cases to be used in the development of the standard. To submit information or to request an opportunity to present ideas or technologies that should be considered by the committee, use the link below to get details on how:

Released Standards: This standard is in development. No prior versions exist.