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Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems


“To have a mesh network of advanced DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids integrated throughout our electric power system infrastructure for improved energy resiliency, surety, safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental compatibility”

This hybrid AC and DC platform is being promoted as an open architecture focused on increasing resiliency while reducing total cost. It anticipates a much great integration of direct current to simplify and make more flexible power integration from multiple sources, storage and loads. We believe that ongoing and increasing demand for improvement across all areas of electrical production and use provides the need for this broad platform.

We believe what is needed to realize this vision is a family of DC and Hybrid AC/DC power system standards and guidelines for microgrids to meet the evolving needs of a ‘Grid of Grids’ electric power infrastructure.


A mesh networked “Grid of Grids”


The EMerge Alliance Strategy

Develop Vanguard System Standards via commercial, government and academic members organizations for hybrid AC/DC microgrids to accelerate deployment of flexible, sustainable, resilient electric power systems.

Catalyze Fast Market Development via education and technology demonstrations of new microgrid electric products and services.