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Our Standards

“The EMerge Alliance is creating a family of domain-specific DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids and nanogrids that, if/when interconnected, create a resilient and versatile mesh or campus/neighborhood/community-wide energy network.”

You can find more information about our completed standards in this section:

Standards In-Work

In addition, here is a brief summary for each of the standards that are works-in-process:

New Standards Call-to-Action

The EMerge Alliance will be announcing a new 2020 Series of new vanguard standards efforts on the following topics:

  • AC/DC Dual Input Appliances/Devices Standard
  • Neighborhood/Community Microgrid (Tier 2) Interconnection Standard
  • Remote and Transportable Microgrids Standard
  • EV DC Fast-Charge Infrastructure Microgrid
  • Indoor Agriculture Microgrid

DC power is a key component to achieving net-zero-energy buildings, neighborhoods and communities and improves energy resiliency, reliability efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability in and between buildings and in support of macrogrid operations.