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Our Standards

“The EMerge Alliance is creating new generic vanguard standards for DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids and for DC Microgrid Peer-to-Peer Interconnection to create a resilient and versatile mesh or campus/neighborhood/community-wide energy networks.”

New Standards for 2024

  • DC & Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Technical Standard – Version 1.0

The latest draft version of the EMerge DC & Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Standard is now ready for EMerge Governing Board approval which is due this month. The standard includes sections on power conversion, interconnect infrastructure, grounding and protection, example architectures, and more. The standard will be distributed to EMerge members for use this month. Chairman Dusan Brhlik expects the committee to continue its work regarding harmonization of the new standard with other DC microgrid standards around the world. It is the mission of the EMerge committee to have harmonized standards on dc power system architecture on an international basis.

  • Device Interoperability Data Model (IDM) Standard – Version 1.0

As an “industry first,” EM Alliance will be releasing an open-sourced standard for microgrid device Interoperability Data Models (IDM). The IDM standard defines a simple framework for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) models of the critical interface parameters of the various power devices used in a microgrid. Using the JSON format for storing and cataloging critical design will allow non-proprietary design information to be publicly accessed by a plethora of open-source and proprietary design tools. The EMerge managed device library will also catalog product data sheets, product catalogs, instruction manuals, application notes, white papers, use cases, etc., to allow efficient AI enabled design aid support if desired.  OEMs should consider registering their products in the EMerge IDM library to make the microgrid design community aware of their products’ availability. 

IDM Library Listing Opportunity

If you have an interest in registering a microgrid component product(s) in the EMerge managed open-source Interoperability Data Modeling library, or are interested in information about how to use the IDM library as a design tool resource, please sign up here.

Existing EMerge Technical Standards

You can find more information about our previously completed standards in this section:

EMerge Standards In-Work

  • Microgrid Interconnection (Grid-of-Grids)