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Professional Summit Series: Utilities and Microgrids – Friends or Foe?

December 08, 2020 1:00 – 5:00 PM ET

Summit on Microgrids for Utilities

Its difficult to find an article in today’s industry news that doesn’t, at least by inference, characterize the increasing discussion and use of microgrids as a significant issue for utilities.  This summit will bring this issue to the floor and argue the pros and cons of microgrids and their use related to utilities and their system operations.

Topics will include how microgrids can hurt and/or help grid operations at the distribution level, successful and not-so-successful business and operational strategies involving microgrids, new business models that can turn potential business liabilities into business assets, and more. Also described will be which technologies hold the most promise for utility compatibility, use and support.  Several pilot and production use case will be reviewed and critiqued.

The summit will be conducted exclusively for utility upper level management and decision makers. Invited stakeholders will include industry experts and management, including regulators, ISOs, utilities, technology providers and academics.

Main  Discussion Points:

  • Microgrids can be a major resource for Utilities
  • Utilities can operate microgrids at the fringe before the meter
  • Microgrids put utilities in “energy as a service” position with new business models
  • Microgrids can solve resiliency issues in distribution
  • Microgrids can provide vital new capacity
  • Microgrids can provide much needed stability support at the fringe
  • Utility microgrids can provide future proofing

Target Audience:

  • Utility top management/decision makers
  • Utility operating management
  • Utility regulators
  • Utility equipment suppliers
  • Utility business development management


  • Microgrid and utility technology experts
  • Utility associations/research collaboratives
  • Utilities who are piloting microgrid use
  • Utility OEMs and service providers
  • Utility academics
  • Utility resiliency experts

Program Format:

  • Length: 4 hrs.
  • Speakers/panelists: 6-8 experts
  • Content outline:
    • Introductions – 10 min.
    • Opening Keynote – 20 min
    • Speaker presentations – 60 min.
    • Panel Discussion/Town Hall – 120 min.
      • 25% moderator questioning – 30 min.
      • 75% audience questioning/comments – 90 min.
    • Speaker/panelists summary comments – 25 min.
    • Closing Comments – 5 min

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