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Leader in promoting the greater use of DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids & power systems

Alliance FAQs

  1. What is the EMerge Alliance?
    The EMerge Alliance is an open, membership-based, not-for-profit industry association formed in 2008 to create and promote the adoption of new methods and standards for direct current “DC” and hybrid AC/DC power systems for private and public buildings, neighborhoods and communities that improve their resiliency, safety, reliability, efficiency and overall sustainability.
  2. What is an EMerge Alliance Standard?
    EMerge Alliance Standard are typically vanguard system standards based on open platforms for the use of generating, storing and distributing safe DC or hybrid AC/DC power in buildings, campuses, neighborhoods and whole communities. Please visit our Standards section for more information.
  3. Where is EMerge focused?
    EMerge Alliance is focused on developing methods and standards covering DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids used in commercial, industrial, technical and residential buildings, campuses, neighborhoods and communities.  EMerge standards facilitate the achievement of greater energy resiliency, safety, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability while maximizing the potential to use of distributed, clean, on-site energy.
  4. How can I obtain copies of EMerge Alliance standards?
    Anyone may download a free Public Overview that provides a look into several areas of the EMerge Alliance standards, including an architectural overview. Only members of the EMerge Alliance have access to the full standards. If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our Join section for more information.
  5. I have questions about an EMerge Alliance standard, where can I learn more?
    The Alliance has prepared a list of frequently asked technical questions about the Standard. Please visit our Standard FAQs section. You can also submit your questions to:
  6. Who is part of the EMerge Alliance?
    Alliance members include a variety of organizations who influence the technology, design, construction integration and operation of related power systems and microgrids.  Members include representatives from industry, government and academia.  Please visit our list of members for a complete listing.
  7. How can I find products and services to use in a DC or hybrid AC/DC Microgrid or system?
    The Alliance has established a Product and Service Registry and a program for labeling products compatible with our standards. Please visit our product registry section for a current listing.  Stop back often as this is a new feature on our website and new items are still being listed every month.
  8. How can I identify a Registered Product?
    EMerge Alliance Registered Products will state they are an EMerge Alliance Registered Product either in writing or by using our Logo on printed or electronic product packaging, literature, advertisements, etc. and, when practical, directly on the product.
  9. Who should join the EMerge Alliance?
    The EMerge Alliance is representative of the many organizations impacting the commercial building arena, including:
      1. Product manufacturers
      2. Software and service providers
      3. Integrators, engineering, and construction  firms
      4. Architects and system designers
      5. Building owners and developers
      6. Energy & Environmental consultants
      7. Utilities
      8. Government agencies
      9. Related academic and industry groups

The EMerge Alliance is open to all, with tiered rights and privileges. Representation is given at the organization level with one vote per organization, depending upon membership type.

10. How can I get involved?
The EMerge Alliance standards are now available for use by member product manufacturers and service providers.  Work will continue to expand our standard’s portfolio into new areas based on member interest and support.  Specifiers and building owners should also join the Alliance to stay informed of new Alliance initiatives, Standard updates and to demonstrate distributed energy industry leadership.