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EMerge Alliance at the Grid Edge Theater at RE+ 2023

EMerge Alliance’s biggest presence of the year will take the stage at RE+ 2023, September 11-14, at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year’s RE+ 2022 drew over 27,000 attendees!  With two floors of exhibits in the Venetian and one at the adjacent Caesars Forum, plus the addition of the RE+ Tech program, this year’s RE+ 2023 will have all the pizzazz of Las Vegas.

EMerge Alliance thanks the partners that are making this year’s microgrid come to life: AEG, AmperneXt, BlockEnergy, CE+T, Cisco, DG Matrix, Direct Energy Partners, Enteligent, Horizon Educational, LG Appliances, Savant, Sinclair Digital, and Trane.

To learn about all things microgrids and the Grid Edge Theater, visit RE+’s Microgrid Pathways page.  The main features of the Grid Edge Theater that you won’t want to miss are:

  • Preconference workshops on Microgrid Use Cases at the Enterprise Level and The Grid of Grids – Creating the Enernet will kick off RE+, with preshow tours of the microgrid, both on Monday, September 11. 
  • Don’t miss the Unplugging Ceremony that will seamlessly ‘island’ the microgrid at the show opening on Tuesday, September 12 at 10:30 am.
  • EMerge Alliance Annual Meeting of the Members (Open to the Public) followed by a networking reception will be held Wednesday, September 13, beginning at 4:30 pm.
  • A live microgrid with embedded energy storage will power the Grid Edge Theater, including commercial and residential appliances, EV charging equipment, electric heat pump, lighting, and more. A visual dashboard will allow attendees to witness actual power flows, energy loads, and other details.
  • Experience the official launch of DCIDE Design Tool at the RE+ Grid Edge Theater.  Witness live demonstrations showcasing the tool’s user-friendly interface and robust features that provided the design of the live hybrid ac/dc microgrid powering the Grid Edge theater show floor.
  • Digital twin simulated grid of grids 3D video enhanced diorama will allow attendees to visualize how nano and microgrids operate in an interactive, multi-dimensional presentation. This visual display will emphasize the importance of grid element interconnection standards and the ultimate benefits of mesh-networked distributed energy systems.
  • A new ‘shock & awe’ multi-screen video, When the Grid Goes Down, will give a first-hand experience to viewers of the various attacks on the Nation’s electric grid, their devastating effects, and the impact microgrids will have on its defense and survivability. Shown three times daily in the Grid Edge Theater, it will underscore the significance of resilient electricity amidst disasters and security threats. This powerful video highlights microgrids’ critical role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply during grid-down conditions.
  • Three days of show floor education will provide audiences with over 22 sessions focused on microgrids, there is something for every learning level of interest.