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Device Interoperability Data Model (IDM) Standard

Basic Charter:

The Device Interoperability Data Model (IDM) standard defines a digital model framework for critical power flow characteristics of individual devices for use in DC and Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid, including equipment for power sources, conversions, storage, distribution, grounding, protection, and loads such as lighting, appliances, EV chargers, electric heat pumps, and distribution sub-systems like USB-PD, PoE, Class 4 FMP and more.

Meeting Schedule:

This committee is now in a re-launch mode following creation of its first of the IDM Standard.  Responsibility and further development and revision of this standard will be overseen by a newly formed EMerge Technical Standards Committee. The existing committee will be meeting in the time slot of the DC & Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid committee, which is on the 1st Friday of each month at 2:00 PM ET.