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Dusan Brhlik Named President of EMerge Alliance

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March 6, 2024 (Alexandria, VA) –EMerge Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Dusan Brhlik, CEO of Direct Energy Partners, as the new president.  

EMerge Alliance’s chair of the board, Brian Patterson, said, “Dusan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to EMerge Alliance, having demonstrated exemplary leadership in the energy industry and a commitment to advancing sustainable DC (Direct Current) microgrid energy solutions. He has played a pivotal role on EMerge Alliance’s governing board, in addition to organizing and executing RE+’s live microgrid demonstration showcasing the potential of microgrid technologies to enhance energy resilience and efficiency. His commitment to advancing technical standards in the field of energy distribution is further evidenced by his chairmanship of EMerge Alliance’s DC & Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Technical Standards Committee.”  

Brhlik’s priorities will be to focus on driving innovation and fostering strategic partnerships to accelerate the adoption of DC energy technologies and EMerge Alliance’s standards. Also, he will be promoting EMerge Alliance’s first registry for original equipment manufacturers’ products. The latter will allow registered original equipment manufacturers to list companion data sheets, product catalog, and other supplied resources along with interoperability data models. Lastly, Brhlik will be the lead moderator on EMerge Alliance’s new microgrid design webinar series. 

Dusan commented on his new role by saying, “I feel honored in leading EMerge Alliance and its membership on a mission to advance sustainable energy solutions and accelerate the adoption of innovative DC microgrid technologies. It is instrumental to driving our industry forward in meeting the challenges of a new and expanding age of electricity.” 


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