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EMerge Alliance to Facilitate Fully Operational Residential Microgrid and Grid-of-Grids Demonstrations at RE+ in Las Vegas


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EMerge Alliance, in collaboration with multiple partners, will facilitate a live demonstration of a residential microgrid and a grid-of-grids at the upcoming RE+ 23 at The Venetian Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, September 11-14, 2023. The experience and corresponding educational offerings are led by EMerge Alliance, a membership-based, not-for-profit industry association formed to create and promote the adoption of new vanguard standards for direct current (DC) and hybrid AC/DC power infrastructure in buildings, neighborhoods, and communities. 

This year’s Grid Edge Theater will offer four new and unique experiences: 

  • A Live Microgrid with Embedded Energy Storage – will power the Grid Edge Theater, including commercial and residential appliances, EV charging equipment, electric heat pump, lighting, and more. A visual dashboard will allow attendees to witness actual power flows, energy loads, and other details. Don’t miss the “Unplugging Ceremony” that will seamlessly ‘island’ the microgrid at the show opening on Tuesday, September 12. 
  • Digital Twin Simulated Grid of Grids 3D Video Enhanced Diorama – will allow attendees to visualize how nano and microgrids operate in an interactive, multi-dimensional presentation. This visual display will emphasize the importance of grid element interconnection standards and the ultimate benefits of mesh-networked distributed energy systems. 
  • A New ‘Shock & Awe’ Multi-screen Video – will give a first-hand experience to viewers of the various attacks on the Nation’s electric grid, their devastating effects, and the impact microgrids will have on its defense and survivability. Shown three times daily in the Grid Edge Theater, it will underscore the significance of resilient electricity amidst disasters and security threats. This powerful video highlights microgrids’ critical role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply during grid-down conditions. It will aim to raise awareness among attendees about the vital need for resilient infrastructure and the transformative impact of integrating multi-tiered microgrids into the grid to safeguard power availability for local communities. 
  • Three days of Show Floor Education – will provide audiences with over 22 sessions focused on microgrids, something for every learning level of interest.  

The demonstration is a multi-vendor system engineered by EMerge Alliance and Direct Energy Partners, including equipment from AEG, Block Energy, CE+T, Cisco, LG Appliances, Trane HVAC, Enteligent, DG Matrix EV Chargers, Savant, AmperneXt, and Sinclair Digital. Hydrogen energy will be provided by Horizon Educational, who is simultaneously operating its Hydrogen Grand Prix on an adjacent floor. 

A webinar previewing the microgrid demonstration will afford viewers a “sneak peek” will be Tuesday, August 8, at 2 pm ETRegistration is complimentary.   

About the EMerge Alliance 

The EMerge Alliance, an industry partner of RE+ Events, is a non-profit open industry association containing commercial, government, and academic member organizations developing standards leading to the rapid adoption of hybrid AC/DC microgrids in commercial/industrial and residential buildings, neighborhoods, and communities. The standards facilitate greater energy resiliency and sustainability while maximizing the potential use of distributed clean and renewable local energy. EMerge Alliance educates the industry about microgrids through its Electric Avenue webinar series and participation at RE+ Events. Learn more at:  

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